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Mistine Anti Stretch Mark & Firming Cream - 100gm

Mahendra Chowk, Biratnagar (Biratnagar - Morang - Province No. 1) | Added at about 2 years ago, View: 0

Mistine Anti Stretch Mark & Firming Cream During Pregnancy No More Lines 100 Gram

Brand : Mistine

Summary : Stretch marks are a type of scar beneath the skin. When body shape changes,or skin is stretched in any way, there’s a possibility that the deeper layers of the skin may suffer damage. The deep layers of the skin are formed primarily by collagen and other connective tissue. When collagen is strained beyond its strength, it tears. Because the layer of collagen cushions and pads the skin, and supports it, any tears in the collagen can be seen on the skin’s surface. These marks are frequently pink, purple or whitish in color and can be felt with the fingertips. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Papaya Extract, Multifruit BSC, Ginseng Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate,Centella Asiatica Extract, ASC III, Sweet Almond Extract Features: * Mistine Stretch Marks Firming Cream * Prevents Stretch Mark * Soothes Skin & Reduces Itchiness * Moisturizes Dry Skin * Leaves skin smooth


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